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Remember these?
Snake: Invisibility
Rat: Motion to the Motionless
Pig: Heat-Beam Eyes
Sheep: Astral Projection
Dragon: Combustion
Rabbit: Super Speed
Monkey: Animorph
Tiger: Separation of Yin and Yang/Balance
Ox: Super Strength 
Horse: Healing
Rooster: Levitation/Telekinesis 
Dog: Immortality



mrmhotguys: Israel Eyer


Tony Ward Couture S/S 2014

Haute Couture blog :)

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Freja in SLP.
I don’t hate any race of people, and it pains me to wake up to other young people being misled to believe I do. I am for unity and equality.

Iggy Azalea

Me chief, you Indian. I speak, you listen.” - Iggy Azalea

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lol but watch people allow her career to skyrocket

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Americans may live in the richest country in the world, but it is in a society where about 10% of the population possesses nearly 90% of the nation’s assets. In a country of 312 million people the entire ruling class can fit comfortably into Yankee Stadium, with room left over to generously pass out free tickets to thousands of the 46.2 million Americans living below the poverty line. Democracy can never fulfill its potential under such circumstances, and the vaunted “American dream” is fast fading for the working class/middle class as the U.S. economic system seems headed into a second recession and the weakening of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Isn’t it time for the American people to directly question what’s wrong with capitalism, or at least inquire, in the words of an old saying: “Where are we going and what are we doing in this hand basket?” Dare We Question Capitalism? (via xuron)

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